Manipal’s Effect Laws


If you are HAPPY……Tell the world as a sign of blessing!!!

Manipal INDIA 576104

Place of late TMA PAI. Medical doctors factory. Charaka. MARENA. MMMC. Utsav and so on.

Too much to be said about this place. One thing for sure, I have been transformed into new AIZUL. The friendship, 24/7 study, surely cast a different foundation of this soul.

Your life won’t be the same. The air you breathe now, will fade away. People change, so was you. The foot walks front, rarely backwards. So were LIFE….

Be a better man, not means being SADO….But with adds on of quality value, honesty and integrity. Oh my soul, change and learn to be modest, forgiven and kind

Enjoy every moment of being Manipalians, forget all the hectic and rudeness of Tempe. This land give satisfaction, to the soul which ready to accept its challenge.