Travel Crazy Mission


Hello peeps….Hope you guys stay strong and fit… My name is Aizul, and I’m not a terrorist, but a bit crazy….haha

As for me, I love to travel. No need for luxurious one, a simple and decent trip is enough to give you the best taste of this world yet to offer. Once I was watching this video about TRAVEL, and the best facts is

#The only expensive part of travel trip was just the FLIGHT TICKET#

Indeed. Plus, if you are student, just grap your backpack, couple of shirt and Bermuda pants, and let yourself enjoy the nature. Some people say travel is expensive, but I would say it isn’t if you are non-selective and ‘cerewet’ dude!!

My trip to Japan on last March tell me the meaning of survival and real backpackers. Finding myself have limited amount of Japanese Yen, soon find myself sleeping in cyber cafe, being shameless asking for stay at ex-schoolmate house and Japanese couple room, eating only Onagiri 24/7…haha

Why must you be shame? Haha. This idea might be crazy for certain people, but trust me…it is damn crazy yet interesting. Get the hell out from your comfort zone, and try to get a problem to be solved. Don’t get stuck in your boring forever ever life….Be someone you can be proud of!

I am not saying everyone should agree with my idea. That is totally Communist style, haha. But try to explore the world, especially when you have extra $ and time. Travel might be tired, but it is  worth on every penny you spend.

Single day trip is better than nothing. Just try to get out of this hectic life, enjoy the nature breeze, and let your soul be acclimatized with different races, and tradition. Sound like poetry la pulak

And I am looking forward for my next trip to Himalaya….haha

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