So Let Recap Part 1

Hi everyone…

Today gonna be another 59 days before I’m gonna say bye2 to GandhiLand. Frankly speaking, there are too many places in my bucket list which I really wish to visit. For the sake of those who would really love to travel in India, so I really want to share my experience with you guys! Hope it gonna be helpful and informative enough.

So, let begin the journey during my first semester break, which is around Feb 2013.

Our first journey is by taking train from Udupi to Mumbai, which is approximately 14 hours. But, the train condition is damn good, with AC and variety of food (by the hawker), and blanket with soft pillow for your comfortable sleep.


MUMBAI- reach it around 6 am, and trust me, the smell is too much to be taken into the nostril. A huge metropolitan, financial city for India. We head to our hotel, have refreshment, and started our 1 day journey in India. The places that we went in Mumbai are :

  1. Taj Hotel
  2. Gateway of India
  3. Elephanta Island
  4.  Haji Ali Dargah
  5. Mumbai Metro ( exactly like in Slumdog Millionaire movie)


Gateway of India



Next destination….UDAIPUR

A love city, which I personally describe as my all time favourite place in India ( 5 star rated). Good people, nice weather, ancient and glorious palace, and surrounded by magnificent lake.


At the famous Udaipur City Palace


Girls sitting in the middle of Lake Udaipur

Then, let go to Jaipur, the PINK (not so) CITY. We went there by train for about 7 hours. Jaipur is like a paradise for the jewellery lover. No wonder my best friend, Terry bought himself a diamond. Not to mention about the girls eye were sparkled by the diamond, ruby, jade and many more…Haha. But, Jaipur is more than that. Located in the desert surrounded by mountain range, it is a mid-climate city.

The famous Jantar Mantar, India historical astronomy site
The famous Jantar Mantar, India historical astronomy site

The glorious Hawa Mahal…not so mahal lah


Camel riding as in Malaysia, no camel is easily available…ahaha

Well, next destination should be known to everybody. So let the picture speaks to all of you….

Its AGRA babyyyyy

In front of Taj Mahal entrance gate

Typical modest pose in front of Taj Mahal, while sitting on the famous Princess Diana chair…

No caption needed. Too much perfection…haha

Well, that all for the part 1, will continue soon. Have a nice day peeps!!!


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