Prejudice. Psychiatry. Patient

Hi peeps, how is your day?

I am currently in Psychiatry posting in the V semester of my MBBS course. Really interesting, eye-opener experience but less busy compared to Medicine posting.

Problem in Psych Department!

Most people thought psychic is all about crazy, mad, gila or sewel. Well man, it is more than that. Psych Dept deals with substances abuse like drug, alcohol, poison etc, pain disorder, anxiety, stress and many more.

In our head, we only think about crazy hopeless guy wandering around without purpose, holding stick, and chasing people. Frankly speaking, my stigma completely changed as most of the time, patients are completely normal exteriorly, have good education background and decent looking human!

So, what is their problem until get admitted into WAD SAKIT JIWA?

The problem itself lies in our society minds. Let me give you one simple example. If your friend had fever, you will simply drive them to the local clinic, have Paracetamol and the next day, he already on his feet going to class.

Next day, how about if your same friend starting to talk to the wall, ignoring himself by not taking shower and eat, starting to shout and laugh continuously and many more abnormal act perceive by society as mad and crazy? Surely, you have two options at most, either sends him to hospital or just dump & disregard him as your friend until he went normal again.

But I can bet, more than 50% of community will simply dump that kind of person, as we simply has lack of knowledge in psychiatry. It is being regards that by having such person will bring humiliation, disgrace the family dignity and mess up with normal life. Well, that is the stigma and prejudice that has rooted in our community since the early civilisation. But, it is not completely our fault, it is the situation in which we we raise up maybe?

Its OK to get scared being close to psychiatric patient, but we should not dump them away. Do you know that most of the mental disorder is treatable, and the patient will become normal again. YES!, that is a fact which come with several rules before it can be accomplish. The rules are?

  1. Just Google, read and identify certain common psychiatric symptoms.
  2. Please bring them to Psychiatric Department or nearest hospital, not to witchman or your favourite family Bomoh.

    You have arrive at your destination!
    You have arrive at your destination!
  3. Never ever dump them, they need your support and motivation. Are you gonna dump your mom if she had mental problem. You would not do that right, so don’t do it to another person!
  4. Just bear with patient during the rehabilitation and treatment process, it may take up to years…But nothing will replace the moment when your loved one come back being normal!

Sound simple rights?

To change the situation, we must change first. So, let gear up and help the mental disorder patient. If u don’t, you might be the next victim and succumb to the cycle of community which neglect mental patient.

Anyway, that all my friends. Hope you enjoy reading it!!


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