Back to Reality


Welcome home, dear Malaysian!

Exactly on the 14th of March, I am back to Malaysia, leaving India for good😂

And 2 days after that, my reality as a medical student for Phase 2 in Malaysia start, and it does give me turbulent shake a bit to adjust my life here, even this is my hometown. Lets start with my 1st posting : Obstetric & Gynaecology ( sakit puan🙈)

I hate this posting in Manipal, as have to travel to Karkala via the shitty road about 45 min from Manipal. Here in Muar, my house is just 5 min by car to the hospital. First impression about the ward, damn nice with excellent hygiene. My first day start with bed side teaching which last for 3 hours. I skip my breakfast and it cost me shaky legs and musical belly sound.

Life in OBG is simple, do anything you can to make sure both baby and mom stay safe and sound. It does sound simple, but it isn’t. Your daily activity revolve on V-J-J, Ultrasound and EDD ( estimated date of delivery). Not to forget, everyday have to ask personal question such as

  • When is your last menstrual period
  • Do you use condom or any means of conception
  • How about your period, tell me more about it
  • Well, planned pregnancy or opss, accidentally shoot out happen💪
  • and many more, surely you dont want to know more….hehe

I got to be posted in Labor Room, a special place for woman to deliver her baby safely. Thank to all the experience in Manipal, i get used to all the blood, faeces fragment, smelly fluid which just suddenly gush out while the mom push herself to get out the baby. Gross right, but think of it carefully, we used to be inside it once upon a time. Hurm!

Got a chance to assist in episiotomy repair which took more than 30 minutes. Poor HO, pity her doing the thing alone. Haha. That gonna be me in another 2 years exactly in her position!

And everything goes on not-so-well for another 6 weeks. Full of women problem: prolapse, Pap smear, ovarian cyst, amd the list goes on endlessly. But one thing for sure, OBG certainly an interesting posting due to certain things which is

  • More relax than my current posting which is MEDICINE
  • You have double joy : saving mother and playing with the baby
  • Dont be surprise, most women even the Islamic one does not have high preference to opt for OBG as speciality in future. Reason, too busy, NO time for family. This is real story, I dont make it up. But not all larh, dont blame me!
  • Too much Ustaz in FB which condemn male doctor which works in this department. Well, this is my opinion. Trust me, you will have no sexual desire towards patient after watching normal delivery for the first time even if the patient is Miss Universe. And some more, all patient come with disease, and some of them can make you have sexual depression for the whole life. Aha😩
  • That all…………..

Nice posting, but suck on the exam part. Hope God bless me and give me good mark even for the rubbish answer. Haha

Will write about my current posting later. But Medicine is definitely the toughest among other posting. Hopefully I will continue to survive in this posting👌

Thanks, and have a good day!