Happy 4th year 


Hey there, whats Up?

Believe it or not, I am on the way of being a 4rd year Medical student. Nothing special about being a student or doctor, it just feel the same. Only the pay make the major different. Once in a while, I do feeling nausea for certain people that think being in medical line is great, huge and awesome+ look cool and popular. Oh please, stop all that nonsense. We are just your future slave, and trust me, we do crack under pressure and normal human being too.

Well, I am not here to lodge a complain, or writing the pathetic life of medstuds. Everyone has their own choice, and I have chose mine. Neither do I regret, nor do I feel happy. Its just the feeling of wanting to finish this course A.S.A.P and start making money. It does sound materialistic, but that the reality. You can’t do medicine( treating, prescribing medicine) without money. How do you buy supplies of med, surgical tools and manpower without $$$. So please rethink back if somebody say:

I am gonna treat you for free without any cost. That is Bullshit!


Sorry for the harsh words, but that the reality. And the insurance company does control the whole medicine world. Health provider are just slave to these Insurance company. They decide everything, from mode of treatment, and deciding either certain patient get surgical intervention or not, depending on their insurance coverage and financial background. So, if you don’t have HEALTH INSURANCE esp in US, most likely you will be dump without treatment. So once again, who say medical is meant to be free for the public?

That how bad our world are. Revolving around sucking money from the poor guys, pushing them to their limit just to supply enough money to the rich guys. Well, that is the real meaning of capitalism. And does you ever realise, since we were born, we are meant to have loan unless you are born as SILVER SPOON, having filthy rich family. Hurm…….

We might realise, as we grow older, our thought and wisdom get sharper, unless you are idiot, or simply don’t bother to change ourself. Doesn’t mean that you will turn into some kind of philosopher, but the decision making process is getting better and better.

You cross the path where you need to choose the acadamic course which gonna sail your in different field. Getting in relationship, establishing family life a.k.a MARRIAGE and jumps into reality, WORKING LIFE. It does get crazy when thinking about our incapability to transform ourself from adolescent into fully adult, equip with great responsibilty, determine your life on yourself. If you succeed, the world will be your greatest destination. Wrong choice, counting for death to take all your grief and sadness.

So…..to all my reader, life is sucks. But there will always be good end to it. Depending on how you perceive life. I am not gonna mention to be positive at all time. That phrase just work in ideal heavenly life. But we are human, full with flaws and mistake. So, just think moderately at all time, and think positively at correct time and place. Let hope that life gonna go easy on us. And the most important, do pray to God, be good to parents and humankind, and appreciate life to the fullest.

Muar, Nov 12, 0315


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