Madurai Trip 1


Me, Aufa and the bride in his pink attire!!


Photo with the bridegroom site…I AM THE TALLEST..Hee:)

Peace be upon you guys with Allah blessing..

After den have not been blogging for long time, I have restart all over again..What a rusty brain and idea I had!! So let start with my trip and Aufa (my roommate) to Madurai. Madurai if u guys don’t know larrh, is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. We went there to attend Aufa’s nephew wedding ceremony!

As u olls know, travelling in India is hectic and tiring, due to its large geographical size and tangling transportation system! But trust me, IT IS AWESOME!!

So our first pitstop was Udupi Railway Station. Our ‘flight’ was at 3.30 am, Just imagined how SLEEPY we were* Our transit station was Trivandrum Central, almost 740 km and took bout 16 hours to reach. As we were in the AC 3 Tier Cabin, it is a bit confortable although there is a ‘Hancing’ smell fuzing out of the toilet..Haha!!


*Le me with Indians kiddos in the train*

To be cont****