Happy 4th year 


Hey there, whats Up?

Believe it or not, I am on the way of being a 4rd year Medical student. Nothing special about being a student or doctor, it just feel the same. Only the pay make the major different. Once in a while, I do feeling nausea for certain people that think being in medical line is great, huge and awesome+ look cool and popular. Oh please, stop all that nonsense. We are just your future slave, and trust me, we do crack under pressure and normal human being too.

Well, I am not here to lodge a complain, or writing the pathetic life of medstuds. Everyone has their own choice, and I have chose mine. Neither do I regret, nor do I feel happy. Its just the feeling of wanting to finish this course A.S.A.P and start making money. It does sound materialistic, but that the reality. You can’t do medicine( treating, prescribing medicine) without money. How do you buy supplies of med, surgical tools and manpower without $$$. So please rethink back if somebody say:

I am gonna treat you for free without any cost. That is Bullshit!


Sorry for the harsh words, but that the reality. And the insurance company does control the whole medicine world. Health provider are just slave to these Insurance company. They decide everything, from mode of treatment, and deciding either certain patient get surgical intervention or not, depending on their insurance coverage and financial background. So, if you don’t have HEALTH INSURANCE esp in US, most likely you will be dump without treatment. So once again, who say medical is meant to be free for the public?

That how bad our world are. Revolving around sucking money from the poor guys, pushing them to their limit just to supply enough money to the rich guys. Well, that is the real meaning of capitalism. And does you ever realise, since we were born, we are meant to have loan unless you are born as SILVER SPOON, having filthy rich family. Hurm…….

We might realise, as we grow older, our thought and wisdom get sharper, unless you are idiot, or simply don’t bother to change ourself. Doesn’t mean that you will turn into some kind of philosopher, but the decision making process is getting better and better.

You cross the path where you need to choose the acadamic course which gonna sail your in different field. Getting in relationship, establishing family life a.k.a MARRIAGE and jumps into reality, WORKING LIFE. It does get crazy when thinking about our incapability to transform ourself from adolescent into fully adult, equip with great responsibilty, determine your life on yourself. If you succeed, the world will be your greatest destination. Wrong choice, counting for death to take all your grief and sadness.

So…..to all my reader, life is sucks. But there will always be good end to it. Depending on how you perceive life. I am not gonna mention to be positive at all time. That phrase just work in ideal heavenly life. But we are human, full with flaws and mistake. So, just think moderately at all time, and think positively at correct time and place. Let hope that life gonna go easy on us. And the most important, do pray to God, be good to parents and humankind, and appreciate life to the fullest.

Muar, Nov 12, 0315


Back to Reality


Welcome home, dear Malaysian!

Exactly on the 14th of March, I am back to Malaysia, leaving India for good😂

And 2 days after that, my reality as a medical student for Phase 2 in Malaysia start, and it does give me turbulent shake a bit to adjust my life here, even this is my hometown. Lets start with my 1st posting : Obstetric & Gynaecology ( sakit puan🙈)

I hate this posting in Manipal, as have to travel to Karkala via the shitty road about 45 min from Manipal. Here in Muar, my house is just 5 min by car to the hospital. First impression about the ward, damn nice with excellent hygiene. My first day start with bed side teaching which last for 3 hours. I skip my breakfast and it cost me shaky legs and musical belly sound.

Life in OBG is simple, do anything you can to make sure both baby and mom stay safe and sound. It does sound simple, but it isn’t. Your daily activity revolve on V-J-J, Ultrasound and EDD ( estimated date of delivery). Not to forget, everyday have to ask personal question such as

  • When is your last menstrual period
  • Do you use condom or any means of conception
  • How about your period, tell me more about it
  • Well, planned pregnancy or opss, accidentally shoot out happen💪
  • and many more, surely you dont want to know more….hehe

I got to be posted in Labor Room, a special place for woman to deliver her baby safely. Thank to all the experience in Manipal, i get used to all the blood, faeces fragment, smelly fluid which just suddenly gush out while the mom push herself to get out the baby. Gross right, but think of it carefully, we used to be inside it once upon a time. Hurm!

Got a chance to assist in episiotomy repair which took more than 30 minutes. Poor HO, pity her doing the thing alone. Haha. That gonna be me in another 2 years exactly in her position!

And everything goes on not-so-well for another 6 weeks. Full of women problem: prolapse, Pap smear, ovarian cyst, amd the list goes on endlessly. But one thing for sure, OBG certainly an interesting posting due to certain things which is

  • More relax than my current posting which is MEDICINE
  • You have double joy : saving mother and playing with the baby
  • Dont be surprise, most women even the Islamic one does not have high preference to opt for OBG as speciality in future. Reason, too busy, NO time for family. This is real story, I dont make it up. But not all larh, dont blame me!
  • Too much Ustaz in FB which condemn male doctor which works in this department. Well, this is my opinion. Trust me, you will have no sexual desire towards patient after watching normal delivery for the first time even if the patient is Miss Universe. And some more, all patient come with disease, and some of them can make you have sexual depression for the whole life. Aha😩
  • That all…………..

Nice posting, but suck on the exam part. Hope God bless me and give me good mark even for the rubbish answer. Haha

Will write about my current posting later. But Medicine is definitely the toughest among other posting. Hopefully I will continue to survive in this posting👌

Thanks, and have a good day!

So Let Recap Part 1

Hi everyone…

Today gonna be another 59 days before I’m gonna say bye2 to GandhiLand. Frankly speaking, there are too many places in my bucket list which I really wish to visit. For the sake of those who would really love to travel in India, so I really want to share my experience with you guys! Hope it gonna be helpful and informative enough.

So, let begin the journey during my first semester break, which is around Feb 2013.

Our first journey is by taking train from Udupi to Mumbai, which is approximately 14 hours. But, the train condition is damn good, with AC and variety of food (by the hawker), and blanket with soft pillow for your comfortable sleep.


MUMBAI- reach it around 6 am, and trust me, the smell is too much to be taken into the nostril. A huge metropolitan, financial city for India. We head to our hotel, have refreshment, and started our 1 day journey in India. The places that we went in Mumbai are :

  1. Taj Hotel
  2. Gateway of India
  3. Elephanta Island
  4.  Haji Ali Dargah
  5. Mumbai Metro ( exactly like in Slumdog Millionaire movie)


Gateway of India



Next destination….UDAIPUR

A love city, which I personally describe as my all time favourite place in India ( 5 star rated). Good people, nice weather, ancient and glorious palace, and surrounded by magnificent lake.


At the famous Udaipur City Palace


Girls sitting in the middle of Lake Udaipur

Then, let go to Jaipur, the PINK (not so) CITY. We went there by train for about 7 hours. Jaipur is like a paradise for the jewellery lover. No wonder my best friend, Terry bought himself a diamond. Not to mention about the girls eye were sparkled by the diamond, ruby, jade and many more…Haha. But, Jaipur is more than that. Located in the desert surrounded by mountain range, it is a mid-climate city.

The famous Jantar Mantar, India historical astronomy site
The famous Jantar Mantar, India historical astronomy site

The glorious Hawa Mahal…not so mahal lah


Camel riding as in Malaysia, no camel is easily available…ahaha

Well, next destination should be known to everybody. So let the picture speaks to all of you….

Its AGRA babyyyyy

In front of Taj Mahal entrance gate

Typical modest pose in front of Taj Mahal, while sitting on the famous Princess Diana chair…

No caption needed. Too much perfection…haha

Well, that all for the part 1, will continue soon. Have a nice day peeps!!!


#Who wants to be a doctor


I want!!!  
So no one I guess…

The truth is, don’t be afraid. There is nothing bad being a medical student, or devoted your life to become a doctor. Don’t judge us just by the rumor or your ancestor story, reliability just up to 33.33% or less.

Busy. Anti-social. Nerd. No GFs & blah…
Who said so? Your head la!


Dan tidak (dinamakan) kehidupan dunia melainkan permainan yang sia-sia dan hiburan yang melalaikan….

Erti Hidup Aku…Engkau?

Ikut istilah ‘medic’…hidup bawa maksud triad kehidupan iaitu sistem darah, pernafasan dan jantung kot masih berfungsi. Tanpa otak, manusia masih dikira hidup, cuma perlu kepada berfungsinya brain stem saje. Dan manusia itu tak lebih dari sayur, masih hidup cuma semakin melayu dan lesu.

Jadi, hidup apa yang aku, engkau dan lain mahukan. Hidup berotak, berniat atau sebaliknya. Kerna itu lebih baik mati bagi manusia yang otaknya sudah mati. Tentang kaedah euthanasia, jangan diperdebat, aku bukan pakarnya.


Hidup ini bukan sekadar makan dan tidur. Ia lebih dari itu. Bukan juga sekadar dapat result setinggi KLCC, bukan juga sekaya Qarun sampai tertimbus sendiri. Jadi, hidup apa sebenarnya yang kita mahu.

Hidup berpaksikan sesuatu….Tuhan, matahari, bulan. Wah, banyaknya…

Hidup berniat. Berniat sesuatu. Berniat memakmurkan dunia. Dunia yang sementara. Esok, mungkin kita tiada. Aku, engkau tak punya masa. Mungkin kadar oksigen dunia kian menipis sehingga x memungkin lebih ramai manusia untuk hidup lebih lama.

Hidup penuh pilihan. Ke Syurga Firdausi, atau ke Neraka Jahanam. Duanya sama, cuma jalan cerita berbeza. Dua entiti berbeza, kesejahteraan atau kebinasaan. Dua pengakhiran, kejayaan atau penyesalan.

Jadi, pilihlah hidup aku, dan engkau. Pilihlah yang terbaik, kerna masa sudah tiada. Andai pun ada, sudah hilang barangkali sedetik tika kau membaca ayat ini. Adapun mati itu pasti, cuma jalan ke kematian itu banyak plotnya!

Mati dalam berjaya, atau dihina.

Salam kehidupan


Travel Crazy Mission


Hello peeps….Hope you guys stay strong and fit… My name is Aizul, and I’m not a terrorist, but a bit crazy….haha

As for me, I love to travel. No need for luxurious one, a simple and decent trip is enough to give you the best taste of this world yet to offer. Once I was watching this video about TRAVEL, and the best facts is

#The only expensive part of travel trip was just the FLIGHT TICKET#

Indeed. Plus, if you are student, just grap your backpack, couple of shirt and Bermuda pants, and let yourself enjoy the nature. Some people say travel is expensive, but I would say it isn’t if you are non-selective and ‘cerewet’ dude!!

My trip to Japan on last March tell me the meaning of survival and real backpackers. Finding myself have limited amount of Japanese Yen, soon find myself sleeping in cyber cafe, being shameless asking for stay at ex-schoolmate house and Japanese couple room, eating only Onagiri 24/7…haha

Why must you be shame? Haha. This idea might be crazy for certain people, but trust me…it is damn crazy yet interesting. Get the hell out from your comfort zone, and try to get a problem to be solved. Don’t get stuck in your boring forever ever life….Be someone you can be proud of!

I am not saying everyone should agree with my idea. That is totally Communist style, haha. But try to explore the world, especially when you have extra $ and time. Travel might be tired, but it is  worth on every penny you spend.

Single day trip is better than nothing. Just try to get out of this hectic life, enjoy the nature breeze, and let your soul be acclimatized with different races, and tradition. Sound like poetry la pulak

And I am looking forward for my next trip to Himalaya….haha

Manipal 13.5

Manipal’s Effect Laws


If you are HAPPY……Tell the world as a sign of blessing!!!

Manipal INDIA 576104

Place of late TMA PAI. Medical doctors factory. Charaka. MARENA. MMMC. Utsav and so on.

Too much to be said about this place. One thing for sure, I have been transformed into new AIZUL. The friendship, 24/7 study, surely cast a different foundation of this soul.

Your life won’t be the same. The air you breathe now, will fade away. People change, so was you. The foot walks front, rarely backwards. So were LIFE….

Be a better man, not means being SADO….But with adds on of quality value, honesty and integrity. Oh my soul, change and learn to be modest, forgiven and kind

Enjoy every moment of being Manipalians, forget all the hectic and rudeness of Tempe. This land give satisfaction, to the soul which ready to accept its challenge.