Rule of Life💪

Hey dear friends….Whats Up???

Time is 1.22 am(Manipal time), and here I am, still awake with eyes that never know how to differentiate between day and night!

I guess, my biological clock is totally mess up, and will take time to recover from all the sleepless night I had for the last 5 years. Well, that not the main things I wanna shared with u guys👉

I had some observant time when I was alone….And I come up with several formula…But not as complicated as E=mc2 derived by Uncle Einstein…

This is the formula which had keep me awake and survive in med school for the past 2.5 years…So basically my rule of life a.k.a Survival Tips…haha


1. Never be afraid of exam. Even u had no time to revise all the syllabus, trust me…ur lecturer won’t had time and questions to cover all the topics…

So be selective!!! With a bit of luck too

2. Never chase for attendence. I never chase for it and will never. But don’t skip too much class like me😬.


It’s simple. U will never learn in class 100% at all time. Skip class, and have a break…Maybe its time for your brain to synthesise new protein and enhance your memory size.

3. If had time, go travel. U may save up to 100 millions $, but those experience, soft skills, endurance and disaster in the trip is > than your money.

Is you learn all those stuff in class???😕

4. Always and never separate religious item in your life. Once I had a bump with someone, who said I am happy with my life now, I had family, richness, complete house and cars! I don’t need God…I had my family to solve my problem!

Yes, for the time being,you might had everybody including UN, police and 911. But,

Just imagine yourself stuck in middle of desert, or in somewhere planet…did any human able to save you other than the Almighty God or Baghwan or Lord or whatever…

Just be realistic…All human are helpless. We are nothing than bunch of cell tied together, limited power and have no control even on our own heart!

5. FAMILY. I guess the word itself is self explanatory

6. Always stay positive. If you can’t, try to stay neutral. Don’t ask me how as I am learning the trick too. I believe this might be the keypoint of successful life.

I might just ruled out some rule which just cover bit of the life section. But hey, its my rule of my life….Haha

That all from my side. Will keep blogging next time🆗

Till then, lots of love from 👳